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Energy fracked USA
Architecture - Gabriel's WharfEnergy Fracked USA
Tower House Richmond

Tower House Richmond

Life-drawing in Kingston Facebook

Quantum Hare

Early morning swan on the Thames
Quantum Hare - 100x100 cm oil on canvasClick to see more clouds
Richmond BridgeKingston Bridge
Richmond BridgeKingston Bridge
Alice in a whirl
Alice in a whirl gicleeView in a room
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Saatchi Gallery LondonJet skies
Saatchi Gallery LondonJet skies giclee prints
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Corporate workshops
Life drawing is one of the best ways to keep the brain sharp.  Expand your perceptions, widen your perspective, enhance observational skills and experience a terrific sense of achievement. 

Robin Rutherord is a painter, life-drawing aficionardo, predictavore.

 The Cloud Series

Clouds lift the spirit, hitting us with a rush of joy, a priceless gift in our humdrum existence. As they march across the sky, they bring the sublime into our everyday life; their sheer scale dwarfing our tiny reality.

There is a certain otherworldliness about clouds, making us feel honoured to bear witness to their beauty. The natural phenomenon fires our imagination: we see wonder within the voluminous shapes, so much so that we feel the need to share the vision with a friend. But nature assures that by the time the friend looks up, the ethereal formation has changed, and what was a dragon has now become a rabbit. The elements inspire us to share the wonder of our world, however, the sublime vision is filtered by our own personal experience, will a friend ever see the same rabbit?

‘I love to encourage people to take notice of their surroundings, and reconnect with the continuous elemental forecast playing out on the great screen of heaven.’

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