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cazador by robin rutherford

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Quantum Hare

Early morning swan on the Thames
Quantum Hare - 100x100 cm oil on canvasClick to see more clouds
Flight Robin Rutherford
9 Koi CarpRiding home cycling art Robin Rutherford
9 Koi Carp oil and gold leaf on canvas 70 x 100cmCycling Art
Saatchi Gallery LondonJet skies
Saatchi Gallery LondonJet skies giclee prints
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I am a London-based artist whose work attempts to pause the continuous motion and constant flux of matter in time and space; from shifting cloud patterns to explosions of fire and episodes of exertion.

I cannot help being influenced by art and artists I admire, Monet, Turner, Wateridge, Doig; works that ask you to look behind the scene at the light, colour palette and angle of view to establish a sense of reality.

Consequently I find my work demonstrates the juxtaposition of real and unreal, fact and fiction, underlined by playful humour, all of which comes together to set up a subtle quantum switch in the subconscious.

Light, depth, movement and the sublime do not exist on the painted surface yet the brain desperately wants to fill in the gaps. I love the thrill of capturing the high emotional memory of a scene, which is commonly missing from photographs.

To flash freeze a moment in time is every artist’s goal, but to catch the emotion behind that moment, then convey it via the canvas so that the viewer experiences the same emotion, is joyous and keeps me painting.

Robin Rutherord is a painter, life-drawing aficionardo, predictavore.

Energy fracking USA
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Robin Rutherford artist and teacher based in London.

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