A change is as good as a rest

Posted on 22nd March, 2015

So many artists in London have found themselves defenestrated by developers hungry to turn every shabby office block or ratty factory into ‘Spaces for Modern Living’ and it is with a moist cheek I must report my own location relocation.


All artists gain inspiration from their environment and no more than the studio in which they ply their trade and I have been lucky enough over the last ten months to work in a most light and airy space shared with seven others (including New Blood’s Keith Robinson).  


There I have painted, splattered, workshopped and chatted my way through forests of charcoal and acres of canvas in a space full, yet too large to be cluttered with the collected ephemera of previous inhabitants as diverse as architects, a gym and a fight club (complete with cage!).


Whatever we needed to complete any task would readily come to hand so much so that we dubbed it ‘the Room of Requirement’.  Go home late one evening thinking ‘I could do with a perspex cube…’ and lo, the next morning one would turn up in the recycling bin shared with other diverse businesses in the building.  


Originally a WW2 aircraft armaments factory complete with defensive blockhouse, it is now to become thirteen luxury homes, so having consumed, we must move on like some artistic version of ‘the Borg’ and leave the developers with a tonne of mosaic tiles and a resident ghost.  


Sic transit gloria studium.


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We can haunt them!!!
Sad days for you Robin and also that part of the local history is going.

It was a indeed a lovely studio and will be difficult to find another so unique. It is hard when you love somewhere and enjoy the companionship of other artists to find that the happy days together are ending. You have done some wonderful work whilst located there too.

I do hope you find somewhere that will "do" soon.

Good luck

Jan xxx