Quantum Hare
Quantum Hare - oil on canvas 100 x 100cm
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Robin Rutherford artist, life-drawing aficionardo, predictavore, works in oil, acrylic and charcoal in London.
A black hole can carry “quantum hair” that, while undetectable classically, can influence quantum physics outside the event horizon.


In space where there is absolutely nothing quantum fluctuation creates pairs of atomic particles emerge, they exist for a moment and then destroy each other.


Each pair is a Ying and Yang, night and day, opposites which would not exist without each other. One has a negative mass and one has a positive mass.


What happens when a pair bumps up against a black hole? The positive particle has just enough mass to escape the black hole but the negative particle would fall into the hole.


Around a black hole is an almost imperceptable microsopic glow, positve mass particles fly off from it, behaving just like heat.

Why hair?  All holes have a degree of fuzzle aroung the edge.