Art is like chips

Posted on 19th April, 2015

Potato chips are a commodity that is never weighed - ask for 200 grams of cheese and they weigh it - chips are sold purely on trust and recommendation. 

Someone says so-and-so's chips are really great and you travel across icy wastes or burning desert to pay any price for a random serving of fried potato. 

Small or large, hidden in a poly box or string cut in a fast food pouch, on the recommendation of a Facebook friend you will travel 15 miles to sit behind a plate glass window on a busy road and pay £5.70 for a large fried potato served on a fancy doily. 

The quantity and quality is taken on trust. 


Just like art. 


Develop your own taste, learn to judge the quality based on your own preferences. 

Have the confidence to know what you like - don't just like what you know - push the barriers - meet the artist - and always recommend the finest chips to others. 


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