Life Drawing Workshops

Cass Art, Kingston

Tuesday 10.30am - 1pm

£15 session

Thursday 6.30 -8.30pm

£12 session

33% Discount for full time students with ID

Monthly Full Day Life Drawing

First Thursday

of each month

10.30am to 4.30pm

£35 session


All day life drawing session with easels, drawing boards, paper and materials plus tea, coffee and KitKats supplied free of charge


You are welcome to bring your own chosen media

(both wet or dry)


The full day workshop gives you the chance to work from a long pose with your chosen media


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Established in 2011, this is one the oldest life drawing groups in London


All-day Workshops 2020


5th March


2nd April


7th May


4th June


2nd July


6th August


3rd September


1st October


5th November


3rd December


Robin Rutherford life drawing workshop

Life drawing workshopglimpse a coffee break

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A fun, friendly workshop, suitable for every level.


Corporate life drawing workshops in London with Robin Rutherford, improving the brain power of your workforce. Robin Rutherford supplies all equipment and materials, and employs professional agency artist's models.


I aim to create a relaxed environment, with positive feedback, to liberate artistic growth, allowing unique styles to flourish in a stimulating atmosphere


Short and long poses with professional agency male and female artist's models, cool music, easels, drawing boards, paper, materials, KitKats, coffee, tea and sympathy all at no extra cost


The studio workshop is based on the traditional French Atelier system, giving artists open access to a studio in which they are able to work from a life model


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Find us here:


Cass Art, 103 Clarence Street,

Kingston KT1 1NW


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NOTE: Over 16s only

No step free access

Map to robin rutherford life drawing
Life drawing workshops for corporate, parties, care homes and schools


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Care Homes


Please enquire

Robin Rutherford taught life drawing for the Big Draw at Sherwood Grange Care Home, Kingston Vale, Kingston on 30th October 2019


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Sherwood Grange Life drawing with Robin Rutherford

Graphic Novel


Cass Art, Kingston

Date TBA please enquire

Learn the basics, explore narrative and storytelling through a graphic format, working from both observation and imagination, with contemporary examples used as a starting point to explore the huge potential of the graphic medium. 


No artistic skill necessary, all materials supplied, suitable for all ages 15 plus - all you need is a photo (printed or on phone) or an item or idea on which to base your story.



Life drawing



Suitable for all levels - a relaxed, fun experience ideal for boosting creative thought processing, team creativity and development.


Workshops, corporate events, entertainments and parties - a fast, fun, energetic atmosphere remains relaxed with creative exercises putting everyone at ease.

Corporate life drawing event London


Parties, group reunions, private art sessions, in-house corporate team building, Care Home art sessions


Life drawing is one of the best ways to keep the brain sharp.

Expand your perceptions, widen your perspective, enhance observational skills and experience a terrific sense of achievement. 


Robin is a professional artist and holds adult education teaching certificates.




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Pre-Uni Portfolio Development of Figurative Art

Contact Robin for details

Oliver Bonas

Design Team day workshop


The high street store sent along their best designers for an all day workshop to work up designs for a new range of accessories.


Take a look at the first tech accessory


(click for link)

Oliver Bonas

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Kingston Life Drawing

The BBC programme How to Stay Young listed life drawing as one of the best ways of keeping a youthful brain.

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Art and Design, Music and Drama specialists at our UK exam board OCR have selected the five main reasons to study creative subjects:

The arts make self starters and develop emotional intelligence
All require the student to set their own agenda from within themselves, rather than follow set topics as in other subjects. They have to make independent decisions all the way, and be self-critical. They also need to be brave in exposing their creations, and accept criticism. Working in teams makes students into good communicators.   

The arts are stretching
Music, art and drama require long hours of hard work and dedication. Students have to pay great attention to detail, to perfect and redo. Putting on a play, exhibition or concert takes strong organisational skills.

Arts students are highly sought-after by employers
Many employers now actively seek those who have studied the arts. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was fond of saying his success was due to his hiring artists and musicians fascinated by technology rather than computer geeks. Top talent management agency, The Curve Group specialising in financial and business services, concurs: “Employees with an arts degree have developed more quickly in their roles from the start. They have discipline, confidence and can accept criticism.”

Arts ‘reach the parts other subjects can’t reach’
The arts develop the broader dimensions of the human being – mind, body and soul. The arts can express the inexpressible and make sense of things that otherwise do not seem to.

Arts ‘reaches the students other subjects can’t reach’
Teachers find arts subjects particularly beneficial for two groups: those who struggle with traditional subjects and those who are high achieving. Less academic students can become defeatist if they feel they can’t achieve: drama, music or art can help them to blossom.

Life drawing workshops Robin Rutherford
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