Kingston Life Drawing since 2011

Drop-in sessions at Cass Art

The Art Space, Cass Art, 103 Clarence Street, Kingston KT1 1NW

Workshops based on the traditional French Atelier system, giving local artists and students open access to a studio with a professional life model


Every Tuesday and Thursday 10.30 - 13.00  


£20 pay cash on the day, pay online here

or by bank transfer contact for details


£15 for full time students

Professional models, easels, boards, materials, KitKats, coffee, tea, and you are welcome to bring your own chosen media


Suits all abilities with a relaxed, positive atmosphere


No step free access - Age 16+ only - read the reviews


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Workshop hosted by Cass Art


10% discount at Cass Art for workshop attendees


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 Individual Tuition, Portfolio Building, 

 Group Workshops or Corporate Team Building

Give your people a boost...

from beginners to daVincis...

great for team building or simply fun event

A fast, fun, energetic atmosphere with drawing exercises putting everyone at ease, suitable for all levels: workshops, corporate events, entertainments and parties.
Corporate life drawing workshops in London with Robin Rutherford,

Learning to draw changes your perceptions, enhances observational skills and most importantly leaves you with a terrific sense of achievement; sessions are tailored to meet your particular needs.

Robin is a professional artist and holds adult education teaching certificates, he uses only professional artist's models and provides all equipment and materials.




Read the Reviews

Kingston Academy

Life drawing workshop

Robin held a series of workshops for different groups of our pupils in years 11 and 12. The experience and teaching was cleverly adapted depending on the pupils' ages and skill levels, meaning that all pupils were able to succeed. I was impressed by the huge improvement in pupil work during the sessions and this was down to the helpful feedback Robin gave. Not only did the students make huge progress and learn new skills, but they had a new and exciting experience which they all commented very positively on. We hope to hold more workshops from Robin in the future! Thank you so much Robin and his team of very professional models.
Rachel Winter
Art Curriculum Lead

Cass Art

Life drawing workshop

Thanks for running such a great class and keeping the show on the road!
Sally Ward
(Professional artist specialising in portraits)


Therfield School

Life drawing workshop

Our sixth form artists at Therfield school had an amazing and memorable experience with Robin at our afternoon workshop.  The students thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience and came away with gorgeous work, completed with Robin's expertise and guidance, to submit in their A level portfolio. I would 100% recommend and love to attend again in the future.

Thanks so much for a great experience I’m sure our artists won’t forget 

Naomi Williams, Therfield School

Oliver Bonas Design

Graphic Novel Workshop

Workshop afternoon

I had a great afternoon creating my own comic.  Such a friendly group and thanks to Robin for making it so enjoyable.

Lucy D, Teddington


Tortilla Restaurants


Christmas party life drawing

Thanks again for an amazing life drawing class. The whole team  thoroughly enjoyed it and hopefully book another session soon.



(BrandMe website)


Tortilla Restaurants

Tortilla Restaurants

Team building day workshop


The restaurant team from Tortilla, Kingston came along for a great drawing session in the Art Space at Cass Art


(Tortilla website)

Oliver Bonas Design

Oliver Bonas

Design Team day workshop


The high street store sent along their best designers for an all day workshop to work up designs for a range of accessories.


(Oliver Bonas website)

Haygarth Design

Haygarth Advertising

Team building evening


'From basic form to finer detail, we spent two hours finding our feet and – believe it or not – forgetting about the totally naked girl in front of us. We tried 10-second sketches, overlaying drafts and swapping half way through until one-by-one, like a Hollywood plot resolution, it happened. Imagine a pat on the back from Da Vinci himself – that’s what it felt like to fill with that warm glow of pride. Or it might have been the wine but whatever, we’re artists now.'


(Haygarth website)

CMS Cameron McKenna

Client entertainmant


'Scary, but the best time ever, would recommend this to anyone'



Axiom Photography

Monthly challenge


Our 'Women With Attitude' group had a brilliant life drawing session with Robin. Several of us had never attempted any kind of drawing before, but everyone enjoyed the evening and went home with something they were proud of.


Elaine McLaren, Axiom Photography

Melissa Marsh

Private arty party


'Best day, best fun, all the girls loved it, never thought we could - but we DID!'


Philippa M

Day workshop


Thank you for your workshop, I really enjoyed, it was a lovely calm space and I truly appreciate and enjoyed

Thanks again, Phillippa

Gallery63A, Kingston

Private art party


'Wicked! Best day, best fun and KitKats!'


(see exhibition)

Sarah Ryan

Founder & CEO New Blood Art


Internationally exhibited, from Paris to Bankside, the work of Robin Rutherford revolves around the idea of motion, his works on canvas at once both a captured sensation, as well as in constant flux. By isolating and spotlighting the kinetic in his subject matter, a sense of progression occurs in his compositions, further informing the viewer of the spatial potential of the canvas.


With subject matter ranging from cloudscapes to otherscapes, colour palettes switch from contrasting triads to overlapping hues, a deep sense of movement puncturing the canvas as figures and forms skitter and sway.


(New Blood website)

Press and TV

ITV News

Care home residents draw life model
31 October 2019


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Surrey comet

Surrey Comet

Sherwood Grange care home stages life drawing class for residents

2nd November 2019


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Care home welcomes naked male model after residents request a nude drawing class

4th November 2019

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Care Home Professional Magazine

Care home goes the ‘full monty’ with nude life drawing class

7th November 2019


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Yahoo Style

Old people's home invites nude model for life drawing class

4 November 2019

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Care Home Launches Life Drawing Classes and it's Amazing

18th February 2021


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Tomorrow's Care Magazine

Staff at Care UK care home in London recently held a life drawing class

4 November 2019

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The Carer

Care UK Home Hosts Professional Life Drawing Class for Residents

7th November 2019


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Sherwood Grange Facebook page

Care UK Home Hosts Professional Life Drawing Class for Residents

30th October 2019


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